SOLD- ’64 Strat style partscaster relic


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OK, the guy I bought this from told me it was made in Florida by Rittenhouse Guitars. I have no way to confirm or deny that as there isn’t any marking to suggest whether that’s true or not, but I can tell you that whoever made it did an excellent job. It looks and sounds amazing and after a Lyndel set up, it plays great too. And the floating trem stays in tune well.

It does have a “Fender” period correct decal on the headstock which was there when I bought it. It’s a waterslide so it should be pretty easy to remove if you are so inclined. THIS GUITAR IS NOT A FENDER.

It has Dimarzio Area 61 pickups DOH416in the neck and middle and and a DOH423 in the bridge. The pickups are very quiet and it also has the body cavity covered in shielding tape.

Here’s something uber cool: it also has a Lindy Fralin tone blend wired into the rear tone knob. With that, you can combine the neck and bridge pickups and all 3 three pickups at the same time as well as the standard Strat 5 way pickup combinations.

All in, it’s a way cool guitar in every way. Looks, sound, and playability.

Comes with a Freedom by SKB hardshell case.