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I’m Lyndel and I’m a guitar geek. If you’re reading this, you probably are too. I’ve been playing since I was 12 years old, played in many bands since the age of 14 and I’m recently retired from the corporate life and decided to get serious about my lifelong love of all things guitar. Basses are OK too I guess.

I’m from the Denver, CO area and have been learning guitar building techniques and have purchased and learned to use the ridiculous amount of guitar specific tools required for building and set up over the past 3 years. Now is the time to begin using these skills full time.

The page has tabs for “Set Up/Repair”, “Used Gear”, and “New Builds”. Below is what you’ll find in these tabs:

  • Set Up/Repair is pretty obvious and is a basic price list. Of course, you never know what you’re going to encounter so this is a guide based on what is actually found to be needed and what you want me to do.
  • Used Gear has 3 choices: Guitars, Amps, and Effects. Everything found here is from my personal collection. I’m thinning the herd as my gear addiction has gotten out of control and all guitars will receive a full set up before being listed.
  • New builds include “Partscasters” and Custom Builds.
  • Partscasters are exactly that. My Partscasters all have the absolute best components available from wood and pickups, to all hardware and bone nuts. I also usually modify bodies that I have bought with details that I like such as Strat style body contours even on Les Paul Jr. style guitars. All painted guitars are done with Nitrocellulose lacquer.
  • A Custom Build is a complete body and neck built from wood blanks. Primarily Mahogany, Alder, and Ash bodies and Maple or Mahogany necks . All painted guitars are done with Nitrocellulose lacquer. Same components as the Partscasters. I see no need to wind my own pickups with what is available from Fralin, Lollar, Duncan, and many many others.

Thanks for stopping by and please contact me if you have any questions. Happy shopping!