My trio of 1980 Deans. The first one I had was the ML which my wife bought for me in the early 2000’s. She had seen me admiring it in a local guitar shop so while I was out of town, she bought it for me. She is an enabler of my guitar addiction and has bought me several guitars. Then I got the Z from eBay and the V in Arlington, TX at the Arlington Guitar show many years ago too. The Z and V are both 100% original and the ML is as well except for the blade bridge pickup (which wails!!!). Not for sale.

2020 Lyndel Blue Eyed Floozy DC-T. HUGE baseball bat neck which I love, Fralin Blues Special pickups and Hipshot locking tuners. All Nitrocellulose Lacquer on the body and only stain and oil on the rather large neck This one is mine but I will have one exactly like it with Lollar pickups available for sale very soon. It will also have a ginormous neck.

1958 Gretsch Duo Jet from my personal collection. Not for sale.

Cool guy wearing a cool t shirt in a cool place. Friend of mine in the Grand Tetons.

Another cool guy wearing a cool shirt in a cool place. Jim McComb from “Martin and Taylor” playing in Grand Lake, Colorado. He’s playing a Hot-Rodded 1989 USA made Squire that I recently set up and replaced the bridge on. It already had the electronics upgraded. Cool guitar too!

2020 Lyndel DO-S Style. This guitar has Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups, Gotoh locking tuners and sounds and plays amazing. – SOLD

Customer owned 2014 Gibson Midtown. I had never heard of a Midtown but it’s a cool guitar. Mahogany chambered body and a Bigsby. How can that be a bad thing? Might be coming up for sale on this site soon rumor has it.

Customer owned 2005 ES-335 Dot. Kinda hard to tell in the picture but the body is pretty flamed and gorgeous. Sounds and plays amazing.

Customer owned 1978 Les Paul Pro Deluxe. Not sure what the replaced Humbucker is in the bridge position but it rocks as does the DiMarzio in the neck position. Originally, it had 2 P90’s.

Customer owned Charvel San Dimas Mexico model. Fun guitar and it took me back to my youth as an 80’s hair band guy. We called it “Heavy Metal” then but now I realize we were a hair band.

My Front room right now as I try to get this website up and running. Amazing that my wife hasn’t killed me yet. LOL. Is “Sainthood” still an option these days?

This was my collection as of Feb of 2006. The picture below and the description was in the Readers Gallery of Vintage Guitar magazine. The only guitars I don’t still own are the Jackson Soloist which I gave to my nephew and the G&L ASAT which i gave to my grandson.

I really started collecting after this picture including more vintage guitars and even a couple of vintage amps (which will soon be for sale as I went over to the dark side and use a Fractal now). LOL. Many more pictures of my current collection to come soon.


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